Certification program
IQ8 Installer certification trainingEnphase IQ8 Installer certification is created for experienced solar professionals who perform the tasks of designing, installing, and commissioning the Enphase IQ Systems. The course covers IQ8 Systems and Technology, IQ Combiner 4, and IQ System Controller 2.
Enphase Storage design certification trainingEnphase Storage design certification training is required for a company to get authorized to commission storage system. This certification training needs to be completed by any one individual within the company/self-installer.The Enphase Storage design certification training is for professionals in energy storage and management with a focus on different aspects of designing an Enphase storage system successfully.
EES (Enphase Energy System) 3.0 installer certification training featuring the IQ Battery 5P

Please note: By taking this course directly without prior coursework- you will not be able to commission any prior generation products. For previous generation systems commissioning Enphase storage installation training needs to be completed. 

Featuring the third-generation high power IQ Battery 5P, Enphase installers will learn how to assemble a solar plus backup and battery storage system.  Topics include the new Wired Control architecture, system commissioning and typical third generation system configurations enabled by the IQ System Controller 3 / 3G series, these enable more power and energy capacity than before. Additional equipment covered includes the Battery Storage CT, the IQ Combiner 5 / 5C and Communication Kit 2 that will support most scenarios from new systems to retrofitting solar only sites.